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The prospect of S.S wire mesh printing

S.S wire mesh printing's Market outlook

Screen printing has many advantages, such as large batch, cheap price, bright color, long storage period, fast delivery and so on. It has been recognized by more and more industries and has been widely used. In the circuit board of household appliances, textile patterns, T-shirt, shoes design, refrigerator, washing machine, TV panel text, ceramics, glass, tiles and decoration; various kinds of commercial advertisements like appliances, packaging, outdoor, fixed, the flow of advertising platform in the packaging industry; net printing high-grade packaging boxes, bottles, cigarette, wine package, especially the large packaging and product appearance decoration - screen printing is unusually extensive, closely linked with our life, its technology mainly by many printing control and screen printing technology small personalized imparted in the domestic market scanty. Very broad!

Since 1980s, China has accelerated the research and development of screen printing materials, equipment and technology, making silk screen printing an advantage in the competition of flexo printing, offset printing and gravure printing. At an annual rate of 7%. More than 70% wide format color screen printing uses spot color printing, nearly 30% uses four-color printing, and the proportion of four-color printing is still steadily increasing. Industry survey shows that 70% of enterprises annual output value of about 1 million yuan. However, the output value of screen printing in China accounts for less than 2% of the total printing output value, and there is still great potential to be tapped.

Survey shows that the screen printing ink in the amount of more than 20 thousand tons, of which about 54% of imported products; screen annual consumption of about 10 million square meters, of which about 62% of imported wire, photogelatin annual consumption of about 4300 tons, of which about 57% of imported products. The larger the screen printing factory, the greater the proportion of imported products.

It is expected that the screen printing will continue to develop at a higher rate in the future. The technology will gradually increase and the scale of the industry will be further expanded. Authoritative personage predicts, future world screen printing will be in the proportion of total output value of printing output will rise to 10%. There is no doubt that China's online printing industry is pregnant with more room for development and potential market. By 2005, China will become the world's largest net printing market. Screen printing in China will develop in depth and breadth in the future.

S.S wire mesh printing's Investment outlook 

For investors, screen printing is definitely a very good project, according to insider revealed that screen printing profit margins are generally between 40%-50%, so the market gap is larger. In contrast, high profit is not surprising requires high input, screen printing is not only suitable for small scale production, and is suitable for large-scale operation, a few million investment that can be involved in business, there are 35 people to invest in production, invested millions of dollars can be used. Entrepreneurs can not only their own factories for large-scale investment, can also buy some equipment, open a small workshop, two or three grade market.

At the same time, because of the huge market demand for skilled workers, screen printing has a huge demand, and many domestic factories have a headache is not suitable in the screen printing industry, for employment, is undoubtedly a huge opportunity.

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