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Hebei Ruitong Metal Wire Mesh Company, founded in 2005.
Our products are mainly exported to Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, South Africa etc. And widely used in automobile and aerospace industry,
medical and environmental technology, raw materials and mining, the chemical, pharmaceutical, foodstuffs and textile industries and the wood and paper processing industries,
right through to applications in architecture and design. Welcome to our factory and wishing the cooperation with you.

  • stainless steel weaving wire mesh, stainless steel printing wire mesh, security screen, wire mesh filters,discs, filter elements, knitted wire mesh and nickel wire mesh, titanium wire mesh, silver wire mesh, monel wire mesh, brass wire cloth, copper wire cloth, phosphor bronze wire cloth etc.

Industry news
  • The prospect of S.S wire mesh printing

    S.S wire mesh printing's Market outlook Screen printing has many advantages, such as large batch, cheap price, bright color, long storage period, fast delivery and so on. It has been recognized by more and more industries and has been widely used. In the circuit board of household appliances, textile patterns, T-shirt, shoes design, refrigerator, washing machine, TV panel text, ceramics, glass, tiles and decoration;

  • The development trend of the Crimped Wire Mesh

    The main export areas of our country cotton net in Asia, many countries are faced with the adjustment of product structure, high-grade, complete cotton net demand will gradually expand the proportion of. After the cancellation of quota beneficiaries will become effective growth of market crimped wire mesh, crimped wire mesh to seize the post quota era development opportunity,

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